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Thursday, July 30, 2015

New Security app SnapMail

hey Folks

Its been long time that i am restarting this blog. I have started this blog around 2012 just for curiosity and at that time i got caught in Google fascinating world and services like Gmail, Google+, Google docs and yes Android. Android is best Mobile application just drowback is relly messy play store.
other then that its all Good.

so Lets start this blog again and my todays Topic is personal security in this time. Now Hassasment and public violation is comman now a days. so my friend came up with this App Called SnapMail.
For start i thought its basic app with no function or just spamming app like rest of others. But surprise surprise  I found out they are really delivering what they saying So I personally think its best idea for personal security.

Now lets talk about my experience. UI is Good and it works like it snaps picture and then send it to your preferred email so like you can set your friend or family email and it send picture and SOS mail to them

now why picture , Because if its picture you can get visual clues now we all know that GPS is not that accurate in phones but now they are saying you can SnapMail. person who is attacking you .. i am saying you can snapmail street photos so atleast investigator can have something to work on like lets say some street sign is capture in SnapMail. then they can investigate your case from surrounding area.

Lets say there is some street sign in capture and investigator can get CCTV footage or something for start search on you or get footage of crime that happen so its win win situation SnapMail is really Great tool to have in today day and age.

so thats it let me know in comments how is this post and you like this post or now and want to see this kind of app updates in future.