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Monday, March 12, 2018

wordpress developer and designer


I am writing on how wordpress work generally

for start there is 2 wordpress start point

1. you can buy domain and get hosted services
2. you can buy domain and get self hosted wordpress services

What is is con site that lure people to think that its only way to get wordpress site.
not one ever should use

What is self hosted Wordpress?

now that's million dollar question. is the guys who develop wordpress system and you can download it there for free.

you need following to start

domain is what you type in browser like

so you need your own .com or or .biz it could be anything

Server is where you put your sites data.
all images text and what ever you want to show it to people

Theme is design which is most important part of your website in which decides how your website should look when it up and running
fot that you can contact

Plugin is also another part of wordpress it decide how your site should function
you can do amazing things with plugins and it can turn your simple site to amazing shop or pretty much anything you can think of.

Thats all to it
Contact right now!